Explorer-Pro 46L Aluminium Top Box Full Kit for Adventure 250/390

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Introducing first product under our AdvenTOUR brand, “AdvenTOUR Explorer-Pro” Top Boxes compatible with various Motorcycles. A quality product like never before at a price Never Before.

An entire product, Designed, Developed and Manufactured in India, under the Make In India initiative. A dependable worthy companion for your long road trips.

1) 1 X Explorer-Pro Top Box 46L
2) 1 X Premium Rack Adapter Plate (Aluminium)
3) 4 X Aluminium Spools for Box Mounting
4) 1 X Large Aluminium Quick Release Block

Material used: Aerospace Grade Aluminium


* Uniquely designed and meticulously crafted Top boxes which will help organize things better as they provide more space for hand movement. Along with our optional inner organizer pouches, they will make it very easy to organize luggage.

* Quick Lock and Release equipped (Patent Pending). Releasing from the racks or putting back takes about 4-5 Seconds.

* Made entirely from Aerospace grade aluminium to provide the better strength to weight ratio and weather resistance.

* Coded combination keys

* Unique handles which will double up as impact braces

* Ballistic Nylon corners for impact resistance

* Limited Edition Bike matching colored Swatches. Can be replaced under our exclusive “Replacement Support”

Why buy from Carbon Racing?

1) Guaranteed Top Quality Materials used
2) Made in India, Supported Locally
3) Cheaper to own
4) Cheaper to maintain on the long run, due to the unique SSS support.

Special Spares Support (SSS): Upto 5 Years from Purchase Date

SSS is a deamchild of Carbon Racing which no other company in the world offers. Under this special scheme, a customr can avail spare support for their Damaged parts of the box at a fraction of the entire box cost.

Scenario 1: Customer gets into a Crash, or drops the bike which damages a part of one box.
– Customer do not need to buy the whole set again as in the Chinese products.
– Customer do not have to buy another whole box either as with the European Brands.
– Customer will just have to report the damage with CR Support team. Support team will assess the damage and give a quote replacing only the damaged part/panels of the box.
– Customer then hips the item to CR Factory, where CR team performs the spare changes required and ship it back to the Customer. Only the actual spare cost+shipping charges are collected on actuls. No labor charges also added.

Scenario 2: Customer want to upgrade the bike and the color of the boxes is not matching with the bike being upgraded
– Again under SSS Support Carbon Racing supports color changes by replacing the colored parts to the next desired color from the existing Catalog. CR Team quotes the standard price for replacement and Customer will be charged only for the Spare+Shipping costs on actuals.


Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 45 × 42 × 31 cm


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