• AI TRIP VIDEOS & STORIES – KOGO turns your trips into amazing travel videos and rich stories – AUTOMATICALLY; Using the power of AI, it combines maps, images, videos, music, animation, text and graphics to tell your travel story that can be shared instantly on any social network with minimal effort. Just pair it to the KOGO app, and start a trip.
  • CONNECT EASILY- Connect with a nation-wide community of bikers, cyclists, road-trippers, and ask anything. While you are travelling, KOGO lets you see real-time locations of other users, and comes with a LIVE HELP function as well.
  • BUILT FOR OUTDOORS – KOGO has a dedicated GPS, multiple sensors, and secure internet connectivity to allow for secure, accurate, and precise real-time location tracking. It is Weatherproof & Shockproof (IP67 rated)
  • LASTS LONG- With a 6000 mAh battery, it lasts upto 10 days on a single charge. Also works in offline mode (no network zones) storing upto 20 days of data. Specially designed for people who love biking, cycling, off-roading or long road trips.
  • KEEP IT ANYWHERE- The KOGO Bot is small enough to be mounted on a bike, on the dashboard, or stacked between your clothes in your travelbag


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In stock


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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.8 × 2.8 cm