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Maddog FR70 Edition Headlight is packed with 5200 Lumens at 70 watts that will truly annihilate the night. The FR-70 comes equipped with a sleek black gloss aluminum housing and outshines the competition through both appearance and performance. An exclusive 18-Months warranty replacement program, which pretty much dictates the quality and Guarantee of the product.


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  • White/Orange Drl with dual indicator function.
  • Plug and play system Hassle-Free from external wiring.
  • 50%-Low power consumption than halogen and conventional LEDs.
  • Department of transport certified.
  • Built-in relay and fuse for added protection.
  • 125Mts Spot and 135-degree wide angled light spread at High Beam.
  • Fisheye lens optics for spot and widespread of light.
  • IP68 certified dust/waterproof.
  • Superior quality aluminum and Bigger heatsink for better cooling Fisheye lens optics for spot and widespread of light.


  • LED Type:- Osram CURAMOS LEDS 2ndGen
  • IP Rating:- IP-68 – Dust / Waterproof
  • Material :- PolyCarbonate+Aluminum
  • Warranty:- 18 months replacement warranty
  • Color Temp:- 6700K / ULTRA White
  • Watt & Volt:- DC 12V & 70 Watts
  • Current:- High beam 4 Amps Low beam 3 Amps
  • Lifespan:- Up to 50000 hours
  • Lumens:- Low Beam- 4500 High Beam- 5200
  • Beam Distance:-Low beam 65Mts Flood High beam 100Mts Spot
  • Optics Type:- Flood And Spot

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