OEM Number plate extension kit for Dominar 400 Windshield


OEM Number Plate Extension Mounts are a non-profit, community effort that is being sold at our making cost. This is an initiative to make sure that our windshield customers have some provision provided from our side to mount the Number plate over the windshield at the same OEM position.

This is an optional accessory, because, many customers may go with Fender-mounted Number plates, hence adding this cost as a package will be an unnecessary expense for the buyer. Add it to the cart only if you want to use the number plate in the original number plate bolts.

This kit can be used in conjunction with Carbon Racing Windshield. This kit will go in place of the OEM Number plate mount and the OEM mount needs to be installed on this extension kit.


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What is in the package:

2 X Number plate extension brackets (1 left and 1 right) made in Powder coated Mild steel
4 X Stainless steel bolts
4X Nyloc Nuts

Installation method:

– Attach the OEM number plate on the brackets as in the pics
– Install the entire assembly over the Windshield on the OEM mount points

Please Note: During installation, do make sure that the ends where the number plate bracket gets connected are bent outwards and going away from the windshield. If installed right, this is how much the gap will be, between the fasteners and the windshield.

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