Premium Windshield for Dominar 400 / Dominar 250 clear

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Will fit all the Dominar Models from 2017 to 2020 UG, and All Dominar 250 Models.

Here is the world’s best Windshield designed specially for Dominar 400/250 and Wind Tunnel tested.


  • Made from a very unique blend of high end Poly-carbonate and ABS to provide rigidity yet be flexible.
  • Product will be available in 3 Colors. 1) 100% Clear, 2) Semi-Black  3) Dark Black
  • This windshield will replace the OEM windshield at the same mounting points.


Stabilizer Details:

– Stabilizer unit specially made for Dominar 400 (All Models) and Dominar 250.

– Mounting rods are made using 316 grade Stainless steel with glossy polish, which will NEVER rust. 5 Years Replacement Guarantee against Rusting provided.

– Tailor fit only for Carbon Racing Windshield.

– Please note that, careful Drilling of the windshield required. Windshield won’t come with pre-drilled holes, as many customers already are using the windshield without holes. So even new customers will not have a pre-drilled windshield, which allows them to use the windshield without this product to. Please note that we have made imprint on the windshield indicating where to drill. Use the stabilizer cap to mark the holes accurately before drilling.

– Warranty does not cover any damages during installation. So please be gentle while installing.


Additional optional accessories:

OEM Number plate extender kit (Compatible with Carbon Racing Windshield):

Can be purchased separately from here:

Additional information

Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 45 × 31 × 17.5 cm

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