Sena – Parani M10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication Device

Code: SN-PM10

Parani M10 Key Features

  • Smartphone pairing lets you listen to your music and take phone calls
  • Built-in FM Radio gives you access to local radio stations
  • Bluetooth Intercom lets you connect and communicate with other nearby Parani M10 users
  • LCD Screen displays features such as volume, Intercom pairings, and battery life
  • Talk time: 8 hours; Music streaming: 6 hours


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For the thrillseeker who wants to enjoy the open road without any restrictions, the Parani M10 offers the most bang for their buck. It offers stellar audio playback, the ability to pair to your smartphone, and mobile communication, all directly into your helmet. Whether you’re a solo commuter who enjoying a podcast on your way in or you’ve paired with three buddies to hit the twisties, the Parani M10 keeps you connected. Backed by Sena, Parani products are built to the highest standards and feature Sena’s two-year .


Parani M10 – Motorcycle Intercom System

Stay Connected, Without Restrictions

The Parani M10 brings audio streaming and communication capability to new riders without draining their wallet. Riders can pair the device to their smartphone to listen to their music, hear GPS navigation, and even take phone calls on their trips. Bluetooth Intercom allows the user to pair with up to three other nearby Parani users to communicate with each other. An on-board LCD Screen displays settings such as battery life and volume level and a jog dial makes the device easy to use even when wearing gloves. Whether you ride solo and simply want to listen to your tunes or you’re in a small group and want to talk to your buddies, the Parani M10 has you covered.

Quality, Backed By Sena

Parani is built by Sena, makers of leading motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems. Thrillseekers can count on reliable hardware backed by years of experience and stellar customer support. All Parani Intercoms operate exclusively and solely across the dedicated Parani Bluetooth Intercom Network.

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