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The AVIATOR is classic glove crafted from the highest quality, soft goatskin leather. Designed with elasticated panels and pre-curved fingers construction brings functionality and comfort. Main knuckle protector and impact absorbers on fingers ensure superior protection as well as reinforcement panels and extra leather on the side. Focused on adding extra comfort, AVIATOR features grip patch for better precision in gas handling. With touch & close fastening and loop for easily pulling the glove on AVIATOR gather for perfet fit. Large perforated areas provide maximum airflow. Taking inspiration from aviation these gloves are detailed with style and functionality. The tip of the index finger is finished off with the panel that makes it possible to use smartphone while wearing glove on. The AVIATOR is perfect way to add vintage style to your look.

SIZE CHART:The gloves must fit properly but must not ex­ert pressure. With leather gloves, we advise a tighter fit because leather stretches after only a short period, following which it adjusts excellently to the hand. Winter gloves must be a little looser so that air can circulate through the insulation, thereby improving the way your hands are kept warm.

Proper care and cleaning ensure a long lifetime for your gloves. We recommend following instructions below to keep your favourite products in good condition as long as possible:

• Gloves should not be exposed to sunlight for lengthy periods.

• Gloves should not be exposed to high or low temperatures.

• Do not use solvents or toxic substances to clean the gloves.

• The gloves must never be modified or altered; this would detract from their protective effect.

• Gloves should be used only for the purpose for which they are intended.

• Damaged gloves must not be used, and must be replaced.

• Use a damp cloth to clean the gloves.

• The gloves may take some time to dry at normal ambient temperature, and under no circumstances must they be dried near heat sources (radiators, stoves, etc.); they must not be placed in direct sun­light.

• For stubborn stains, you may also use mild soap or special leather soap, or fabric cleaners.

• Leather gloves must be treated regularly with leather condi­tioning oil or grease.

• Gloves must be inspected regularly for wear and damage.

• Gloves must be completely dry before storage and they must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated location.

Security with style:

We used only the best quality materials to sew AVIATOR gloves. The Premium leather guarantees the highest level of safety for abrasion and tearing. Main knuckle protector made with polyurethane and impact absorbers on fingers were designed to protect your hands from injury. What is more gloves feature special reinforcement panels on front palm. All of these and more allow AVIATOR gloves to be product with high protection and quality standards yet stylish and great complement to outfit for cruiser or cafe racer.
It’s classified:

For even greater protection, the gloves are completed with an extra layer of leather on the side of hand and ArmorPlus impact absorbers filled with special foam. Modern and sophisticated solutions combined with an attractive design make you always look great without giving up protection. Durable and lightweight, AVIATOR gloves are an excellent choice for lasting comfort.
I feel the need. The need for speed:
We know that AVIATOR attracts attention, however you should be focused on a road while riding. That’s why we create grip patch on the thumb and back palm to provide excellent adhesion and better precision in gas handling. Pre-curved fingers constructions with elastic panels, also on palm and thumb, make gloves supple and comfortable to use.
AVIATOR gloves meet all your needs. The TouchTip™ technology on index finger enables the use of smartphone so you never have to remove the gloves when accessing your touchscreen gadgets. Providing additional airflow with large perforated panels, makes AVIATOR ready for riding in hot summer days. The perforeted leather guarantees optimal protection and fashionable vintage look. With touch & close fastening and pulling strap you will easily put your glove on and quickly ensures perfect fit.
Vintage perfection:
Made from finest goatskin leather, AVIATOR gloves represent ageless elegance that fits perfectly many outfits. Their immaculate design and lot of useful features make these gloves brilliantly practical as well as stylish. AVIATOR gloves come in a variety of dark, elegant colours for unique yet classic look. The different shades of brown combined with black accentuate the masculine nature of the gloves.

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