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Shima Drift Jacket Grey

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The DRIFT is a light jacket designed for enthusiasts of city riding and short motorcycle tours. Thanks to ventilation panels controlled by zips (under arms and on the forearms), you can regulate the air flow as you wish. In addition, the jacket is equipped with the air-vent along the entire lenght of the main zipper. This solution guarantees the great ventilation – even really hot days. With your safety in mind, the DRIFT jacket is equipped with the set of breathable certified back, shoulders and elbows protectors (lvl 2). Thanks to them and the external shoulder SAP™ sliders you get the protection you deserve. In addition, you can equip your jacket with an optional chest protector. Large reflective elements keep you visible on the road aftrer dark. The DRIFT can be easily fitted to your body thanks to adjustable sleeve and waist widths. The EvoLink system allows you to combine the jacket with optional heating or cooling layers. Front pockets and a detachable hood (sold separately) make this a functional jacket for outstanding urban look. With a short zipper and connecting loop, pair it with jeans or other SHIMA trousers of your choice for a comfortable and safe styling. Don’t forget the DRIFT jacket has several colour options and also comes in a women’s version.



Wash or clean your garment following the washing instructions on the stitched label.Remove the inner protectors before washing your garment and make sure to insert them again in the dedicated pockets after washing! Never tamper with the garment in any of its parts. When not in use, the garment must be stored in a dry and ventilated place. After use leave it dry in a well ventilated place, at room temperature.

Care Instructions for OPENAIR JACKET:

• Before washing detach each layer and remove protectors

• Use mild detergent

• Do not use fabric softener

•  Hand wash 30°C

•  Do not bleach

• No dry cleaning

• Do not iron

• No wringing

• Drip dry verticaly in shade

Use same instructions as above for cleaning waterproof membrane.

To clean the protectors:

• Remove dirt with a damp cloth only; for heavier soiling use damp cloths or soft brushes with lukewarm water (max 40°C).

• Do not wash under running water

• Do not use hot water, solvents or other chemicals to clean the protector

• Use specific products for cleaning and maintaining leather

• Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight

• Do not leave it permanently exposed to high or low temperatures

• Do not use dryer or other heating devices


Outer shell:

100% Polyester


100% Polyester

Fully ventilated:

DRIFT jacket is designed for warm summer days. High temperatures will be no problem with it. Ventilation is definitely a strong point of the DRIFT model. It is equipped with ventilation system under arms and on forearms. It can be closed with zippers, so you can quickly and easily ensure proper thermal comfort. In addition, there is an H3 Heat Free ventilation panel along the entire length of the main zipper to ensure free airflow.
Advanced protection:

The DRIFT model ensures the advanced protection too. It is equiped with the set of breathable, certified back, shoulder and elbow protectors AirForce™ by SHIMA. With the external shoulder SAP™ sliders they quarantee you the safety on the highest level. Remember, in the DRIFT motorcycle jacket you are safe even after sunset. Discreet reflective elements make you visible on the road at any time and in any conditions.

Practical all-weather combination:

The DRIFT jacket is equipped with an innovative EvoLink system – thanks that you can equip your jacket with additional layers. It’s a perfect solution for single-layer jackets for summer – thanks to this feature they can be used also in colder days. You can combine the DRIFT model with a WARMUP warming jacket or POWERHEAT heating vest. If you like the pleasant feeling of maximum coolness, choose the HYDROCOOL cooling vest. A waterproof RAINSHELL, installed with the EvoLink system, protects you from the rain. The DRIFT can also be equipped with a detachable hood (sold separately).

Perfect fit:

The DRIFT jacket was designed with your safety, but also your comfort in mind. You can adjust the width of sleeves and waist, so you can fit it to your needs and preferences. You can adjust the width of the sleeves with zippers and the width of the waist with velcro. Don’t forget that this model has a connecting loop and a short zipper so you can pair it with your favorite SHIMA pants. DRIFT jacket, available in 5 color versions, was created with attention to every detail. Especially for you. And for your other half choose the DRIFT LADY!

Take on the road…

The DRIFT is a jacket for different occasions – perfect even when you’re off the motorcycle. And thanks to front zippered pockets you can store documents and small personal items. It’s a element whose functionality you will quickly notice.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 63 × 48 × 13 cm


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