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The EDGE VENTED sneakers are the ideal choice for those who enjoy city riding and summer trips. Thanks to the local perforation and airy construction of the tongue, they maintain proper air circulation and provide a pleasant feeling of coolness even on hot days. They have a new type of sole made with our original ESG™ technology – diagonally profiled heel counter and the grip enhancing surface guarantee maximum protection. Your safety is ensured also by polypropylene insole that laterally stiffens the sole and SAP™ ankle protector made of TPR, while the heel, ankle and toe areas have been additionally reinforced. The EDGE VENTED features a strap that makes it easy to pull the shoe on and the innovative ATOP lacing system, which can be easily operated with one hand only. Making it even more comfortable, the EDGE VENTED model features a special groove to help you find the right position of the foot on the footrest and reinforcement in the shifter pad area. Reflective elements will keep you visible even after dark. Available in 4 colourways, the EDGE VENTED is the perfect combination of safety, comfort and style.

SIZE CHART:The correct motorcycle footwear size is essential for your comfort and safety.

• The length of your feet may be different. In this case, choose a larger measurement to determine the size.

• It is recommended that the boots are about 0.5-0.7 cm longer than your foot.

• When choosing a size, please refer to the individual size chart for each model shown on each product page.

• The size of motorcycle footwear may differ from the daily shoe size.

• A size chart is available on each product page.


Products should be used in accordance with their intended use and cared properly. In case of soaking, dry in a room-temperature environment away from direct sunlight, radiators or other sources of heat. Drying too quickly will result in hardening, deformation and cracking.

•  Leather product should not be mechanically washed or dry-cleaned.

•  Cleaning with strong agents (eg. polishes, creams, etc) should be avoided.

•  Do not use soap.

•  A specialized compound designed to work on natural leather may be used in order to care for the • product.

•  Before use, a patch test should be performed by applying the compound on a small hardly visible part of the leather.

•  Impregnation process may darken or lighten the leather colour even when using colorless solutions. Stains should be removed by using a damp sponge or cloth but do not drench.

•  Remember to clean the sole of your shoe.

•  Leave to dry at room temperature.


Wear of the grain and discolouration are not considered as product defects of vintage/aged product but constitute an element of the unique product appearance.

Maximum of ventilation:

The EDGE VENTED sneakers are made for motorcycle trips in high temperature. The perforation located in key areas and airy construction of the tongue will allow you to enjoy riding even on hot days. This model is ideal for motorcycle city riding and in the nearby areas. The perforations are not only a guarantee of free air flow, but also an interesting finishing element.
High level of protection:
The EDGE VENTED take care of your safety. They have the new type of sole made with our original ESG™ technology. Protection for your feet is provided by diagonally profiled heel counter and the grip enhancing surface. The toes areas, heel and ankle are reinforced. The sneakers have the polypropylene insole that laterally stiffens the sole and SAP™ ankle protector made of TPR. With the combining the safety and comfort in mind the EDGE VENTED sneakers are equipped with the special gusset to the correct position of the leg.
ATOP system:
Designed to take care of your comfort. The innovative ATOP fastening system ensures the perfect fit of the boots to your foot. The intuitive and comfortable lacing knob guarantees a tight foot hold and flexible tightening over the entire lenght of the tongue. You can use the lacing knob with one hand and without having to take off you glove!
Not only for a motorcycle:

The EDGE VENTED sneakers are the perfect balance between safety, comfort and style. Their casual look and availability in 4 color variants will allow you to create really great looks with them – not only for a motorcycle! We also took care of the high functionality of the EDGE VENTED model. A pulling strap, rubberized gear pad and reflective panels are elements that you will quickly appreciate.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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