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JET are summer trousers designed with extended mesh panels for excellent cooling performance! They are ideal for the city riders as well as for those who like short motorcycle tours. Thanks to large ventilation panels it provides a high level of airflow, guaranteeing maximum ventilation even on the hottest days. 
This model is equipped with a removable wind- and waterproof NextDry™ membrane for inner or outer use. In case of rain or cold wind, the NextDry™ membrane can also be applied on the top. Featuring a CE level 2 certified protection system, it provides increased safety, further enhanced by an abrasion-resistant fabric that strengthens the knee area. Even greater protection is possible with the optional SAS-TEC hips and tailbone protectors. For extra comfort a grip panel has been added at the rear. These pants can be perfectly matched to different SHIMA jackets or the specially designed, highly ventilated JET jacket of the same series. Thanks to two different zippers, the trousers can easily be attached to the jacket of your choice. Discreetly arranged reflective panels ensure that you will be noticed even on days with reduced visibility.

SIZE CHART:The proper fitting is user responsibility. The garment should fit snugly but not too tightly: no discomfort should be caused by the clothing when taking your normal riding position and you must be able to reach the controls easily.

To determine the exact size correctly, measure close to the body. The meter should not be tight. When measuring, it’ s recommended to wear only lightweight, fitted clothing and stand in a loose but upright position. To make the measurement more accurate, ask for assistance another person. If the measured values are between different sizes – always choose a larger size.

Remove the inner protectors before washing your garment and make sure to insert them again in the dedicated pockets after washing! Never tamper with the garment in any of its parts. When not in use, the garment must be stored in a dry and ventilated place. After use leave it dry in a well ventilated place, at room temperature.

Care Instructions for JET TROUSERS:

• Before washing detach each layer and remove protectors

• Use mild detergent

• Do not use fabric softener

•  Hand wash 30°C

•  Do not bleach

• No dry cleaning

• Do not iron

• No wringing

• Drip dry verticaly in shade

Use same instructions as above for cleaning waterproof membrane.

To clean the protectors:

• Remove dirt with a damp cloth only; for heavier soiling use damp cloths or soft brushes with lukewarm water (max 40°C).

• Do not wash under running water

• Do not use hot water, solvents or other chemicals to clean the protector

• Use specific products for cleaning and maintaining leather

• Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight

• Do not leave it permanently exposed to high or low temperatures

• Do not use dryer or other heating devices


Outer shell:

100% Polyester


100% Polyester

Waterproof membrane:

70% Polyester

30% Polyurethane

Greater level of protection:

JET summer pants come with CE certified armour LEVEL 2. Pants include class-leading knees impact protectors for higher security and confidence. To extend the set you could buy separately SAS-TEC hip and SAS-TEC tailbone protectors. What is more the trousers were reinforced by additional thick fabric on knee areas to increase tearing and abrasion resistance. For your convenience, they have a grip fabric insert on the rear. Special grip material on seat area ensure firm riding and no sliding.
The trousers are equipped with NextDry™ waterproof membrane which could be inner as well as outer depending on your needs. Featuring a microporous, breathable construction, the NextDry™ membrane is a waterproof and windproof solution developed by SHIMA in cooperation with a leading textile manufacturer so no weather will surprise you. Specifically designed for motorcyclists, NextDry™ allows your skin to breathe while keeping it dry and comfortable, allowing you stay focused on the road.
Perfect fit:
JET pants feature regular fitting. However is has several width adjustments on hips and legs, so you can tailor it to your preferences. Velcro fastenings make it fast and easy to adjust the width.
Mesh is a rider’s summer friend:
When the weather gets really hot, riding a motorcycle could be exhausting unless you have well ventilated gear. The JET trousers were constructed with extra large mesh panels on the front and back that offer the free ventilation, so you could stay comfortable in the warmest enviroments. Sewn with double reinforced safe seams it provides both durability and lightweight.
Great touring set:
You can create a well-ventilated set combining JET pants with specially designed JET jacket. Trousers are equipped with two types of connecting zippers: 360° zipper for maximum safety or short zipper for more comfort. It can be paired with SHIMA jackets, and thanks to the Mix&Match system it is possible to combine different pants sizes with the jacket using a compatible connecting zipper.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 33 × 13 cm



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