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SHADOW TFL is a classic style glove with a modern intake. Made of TFL Cool technology leather – due to special processes the surface can reflect over 70% of the sunbeams keeping the temperature inside the glove significantly lower than compared with regular black leather. Designed with SuperFabric® panels & ArmorPlus foam impact absorbers these gloves ensure superior protection. Perforation between fingers together with TFL leather make them ideal for summer rides. Lightweight and supple, it enables a better sense of touch and provides exceptional fit. What’s more they are equipped with TouchTip™ panel that enables using touchscreen devices.

SIZE CHART:The gloves must fit properly but must not ex­ert pressure. With leather gloves, we advise a tighter fit because leather stretches after only a short period, following which it adjusts excellently to the hand. Winter gloves must be a little looser so that air can circulate through the insulation, thereby improving the way your hands are kept warm.

Proper care and cleaning ensure a long lifetime for your gloves. We recommend following instructions below to keep your favourite products in good condition as long as possible

• Gloves should not be exposed to sunlight for lengthy periods.

• Gloves should not be exposed to high or low temperatures.

• Do not use solvents or toxic substances to clean the gloves.

• The gloves must never be modified or altered; this would detract from their protective effect.

• Gloves should be used only for the purpose for which they are intended.

• Damaged gloves must not be used, and must be replaced.

• Use a damp cloth to clean the gloves.

• The gloves may take some time to dry at normal ambient temperature, and under no circumstances must they be dried near heat sources (radiators, stoves, etc.); they must not be placed in direct sun­light.

• For stubborn stains, you may also use mild soap or special leather soap, or fabric cleaners.

• Leather gloves must be treated regularly with leather condi­tioning oil or grease.

• Gloves must be inspected regularly for wear and damage.

• Gloves must be completely dry before storage and they must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated location.

ArmorPlus protection system:

The main knuckle protector of the SHADOW TFL is made with ArmorPlus+ technology, which means that after an impact the protector hardens quickly, better absorbing the energy of the impact. Combined with hard finger protectors, it will perfectly protect your hands from injuries. SHADOW TFL gloves are a product which meets high safety and quality standards.
Improved grip:

The SHADOW TFL has special ribbing on the inside of the hand for easier and more precise operation of the handlebars and a more secure grip. This is a feature you will quickly appreciate.

Touch screen support:

The SHADOW TFL glove follows modern needs. That’s why they feature a TouchTip™ panel on the thumb and index finger, allowing you to use your phone comfortably without taking the glove off.
SuperFabric® on guard:
In the SHADOW TFL gloves, your safety is ensured by panels made of SuperFabric® material. This is a special layer placed in the most vulnerable areas. Thanks to its high resistance to abrasion and tears, it helps protect your hands. Meanwhile you can concentrate on the pleasure of riding.
Advantages of TFL technology:
SHADOW TFL gloves are made of black genuine leather with TFL Cool technology. Thanks to special processes, their surface reflects more than 70% of sun rays. As a result, the temperature inside the gloves is much lower than in the case of regular black leather. With this model, riding even on really hot days will not be a problem.

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 11.42 × 5.12 × 1.97 cm


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