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STRATO is a new type of ventilated boots. Lightweight, medium-high boots are designed for everyday use in the city and summer trips to further destinations. They are highly ventilated thanks to very large mesh panels and a 3d mesh lining. The refined construction of the boot has been equipped with reinforcements in strategic locations to ensure safety and cushioning. To meet the needs of aesthetics, functionality and comfort, the STRATO is equipped with a pulling strap and ATOP reel knob lacing system that can be easily operated with one hand even when wearing a glove. Finding the perfect fit will be a breeze thanks to the ATOP mechanism. They have a rubberized gear shifting pad with increased grip of the rubberized surface.What’s more, they are well prepared for night-time rides with the large surface of Night Vision System panels, which actually looks like part of the shoe design. STRATO provides the perfect balance between durability, protection and breathability with comfort of a ventilated boot.

SIZE CHART:The length of your feet may be different. In this case, choose a larger measurement to determine the size.

• It is recommended that the boots are about 0.5-0.7 cm longer than your foot.

• When choosing a size, please refer to the individual size chart for each model shown on each product page.

• The size of motorcycle footwear may differ from the daily shoe size.

• A size chart is available on each product page.

Products should be used in accordance with their intended use and cared properly. In case of soaking, dry in a room-temperature environment away from direct sunlight, radiators or other sources of heat. Drying too quickly will result in hardening, deformation and cracking.

•  Remove the protectors before washing

•  Use mild detergent

• Do not use fabric softener

• Hand wash 30°C

• Do not bleach

• No dry cleaning

• Do not iron

• No wringing

• Drip dry verticaly in shade

Outer shell:

Natural leather


Sole: Rubber



New dimension of ventilation:

SHIMA STRATO is a new kind of ventilated boot category. With efficient mesh panels over a large area of the boot and a 3D mesh lining, they allow air to flow through and ensure optimal temperature. They guarantee the perfect balance between safety, durability and breathability. Thanks to their incredibly low weight (only 702 grams!), they are comfortable and enjoyable to wear. With STRATO boots, the heat won’t be a problem anymore!
Lightweight and safety:

Incredible lightness doesn’t eliminate the high level of safety that comes with STRATO boots. They are equipped with a SAP™ TPU cover plate on ankle and ArmorPlus impact absorbers. They have an ergonomic, cross-reinforced sole and a grip pad for gear change. The heel, ankle and toes areas are also reinforced – for even more stability and confidence on the road.
It’s easy!:
STRATO model is equipped with innovative ATOP lacing system. It allows you to adjust the boot precisely to your foot. And you can do it with just one hand, without taking your glove off! All with just one knob. The ATOP guarantees a tight hold on your foot without restricting movements. The STRATO model also features two pulling straps, which are located at the back and front of the boot. Putting on and adjusting the boot to your preferences has never been easier and… faster.
Be visible from all sides:

STRATO boots are perfectly prepared for motorcycle riding. With its Night Vision system – even when it gets dark. Discreet and strategically placed reflective panels will make you visible on the road at all times. The reflective panels are really large and strategically arranged to help you be seen from all sides. Plus, they look like a stylish element of design!
Devil is in the details:
The top of the fingertip area of STRATO boots is equipped with a pad that makes gear shifting much easier. Its rubberized surface provides increased grip and ensures easier and more precise lever control. In addition, reinforcement of this part of the boot protects its surface against abrasion and overuse. Thanks to that boot will keep its good appearance for a longer period of time. So small, but it means so much.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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