Top Rack With Plate T-1 Black Duke 250/390 2019-2022

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Product Description

  • Patent Design exclusively available from ZANA MOTORCYCLES
  • Lightweight 100% aluminium tray to mount the top box.
  • Aluminum tray is available in brushed aluminium and matt black finish
  • All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard
  • Industrial grade polymer Spacers included to act as vibration dampeners
  • 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)
  • Proper shade matching with the bike chassis.
  • Compatible with mostly all brands of top boxes ranging from 15l to 30l
  • Loading Capacity 10-12 Kgs on smooth tarmac riding. For rough road use, it is advisable to reduce vehicle speed or weight carried in the top box.
  • Plastic wrapped for protection from scratches during transit

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 9 cm




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